Kvalitet, Miljö & Arbetsmiljö



’Rätt direkt’ är ledordet i vår kvalitetspolicy och representerar att vi vill åstadkomma mesta möjliga kundvärde genom hög kvalitet och effektivitet. Vi ser det som oerhört viktigt att processer och metoder är definierade och kända inom vår organisation samt att de kommuniceras till de intressenter som har behov av att känna till dem. Ulinco är certifierat enligt ISO 9001 sedan 1994.


‘Right Right’ is the key to our quality policy and represents our goal of achieving maximum customer value through high quality and efficiency. We consider it essential that processes and methods are defined and known in our organization, and that they are communicated to the stakeholders who need to know them. Ulinco has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1994.

We work with the environment, together with quality, as an integral part of our operating system. Our system aims to control all our processes so that we create the greatest possible customer benefit for the least possible environmental impact. Ulinco has been certified according to ISO 14001 since 1999.



 Vi arbetar med miljöområdet,  tillsammans med kvalitet, som en integrerade delar i vårt verksamhetssystem. Vårt system syftar till att styra alla våra processer så att vi skapar största möjliga kundnytta till minsta möjliga miljöpåverkan. Ulinco är certifierat enligt ISO 14001 sedan 1999.


Work Environment Policy

The working environment in our business should be such that those who work with us do not suffer from illness or injury due to the work and feel comfortable and have possibilities for both professional and personal development. The work environment aspects involve all parts of the business and the employee’s overall work situation with physical, psychological and social aspects.

We are actively working to minimize the risk of occupational injuries, accidents and incidents. We work preventative with activities that foster employee health, job satisfaction and efficiency. We should meet and exceed the relevant health and safety legislation. We strive to constantly improve our work both organizationally, socially and physically. We must also meet the requirements of OHSAS 18001, Health and safety management system.

Ladda ner certifikat samt kvalitets- och miljöpolicy under “Policies och certificate” i huvudmenyn.

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